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Motorcycle Rider Down

Today my in-box revealed reports of multiple motorcycle accidents in Canada that had happened in a one day span.

#1 – A 24-year old Ontario rider struck by a vehicle making a left hand turn

#2 – A 43-year old Motorcyclist from Alberta was struck and killed by an impaired driver

#3 – A 59-year old man from Nova Scotia was struck on his Motorcycle suffering multiple injuries

I felt that posting these stories on my Facebook page (License 2 Ride World) was an important reminder, to those reading, of the dangers that motorcyclists face every time we shift into gear, but also important to generate dialogue. Here are some of those responses:


“People need to watch what they're doing. Driving is not that hard. And if you drink and drive, you should be charged with first degree murder if you kill someone because of it. You made the choice to put everyone's life at risk so you get to deal with the consequences. My aunt was killed by a drunk driver when I was little and he did a whopping year in prison.”


“Common sense is more important than anything on the road, following the rules of the road for the safety is always a must but for this guy it doesn’t always work out for everyone…“


“It's no good being dead right. Never trust stoplights, stop signs, or expect to be seen by cars. Bikes are small and even a lamp post can hide you from a car. Cover your breaks at intersections. Position yourself so you can be seen but assume you are not seen. There's a time and a place to go nuts on a bike. That time and place does not include urban spaces.”


“My father always said ”it’s the right of weight, not the right of way you need to pay attention to”. I fully understand what he meant. You will never win a battle of right a way with things much bigger.”

Of course there are going to be some who blame the Police for always siding with ‘cagers’, but really? How ‘bout we focus on cause, awareness, and training? How ‘bout we take responsibility for our own safety? How ‘bout we direct our energy to safer roads and safer legislation for riders and drivers alike? At some point, pointing fingers and using profanity to sling our ‘hate’ agenda is not only tiresome but counter-productive. Here are some national organizations trying to make a difference. PS Feel free to post the links to local riding schools in your area.


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