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It all starts with choosing your ride

So, we created the L2R World Gallery.  Every week we search out motorcycles that we are geeked-out about...I hope you enjoy.

The BMW 2022 R18 Transcontinental

Right off the bat, cool name!  Didn’t realize this but BMW has been working on this bike since 2015 with the first R18 released in 2020.  Even better, they used the 1937 BMW R5 design to build this beauty.

2022 BMW R18 transcontinental1.jpg
2022 BMW R18 transcontinental2.jpg
2022 BMW R18 transcontinental3.jpg

The 2022 Indian Challenger Dark Horse

When I first set my eyes on this colour scheme, I knew I would love to ride it.  Love what Indian has done with the Challenger Dark Horse.  They explain it this way, “…Pays Homage to Tennessee Rye Whiskey with Premium Amenities, State-of-the-Art Technology & Custom Rye Metallic Paint with Gold and Green Accents”. 


The 2022 Royal Enfield Himalayan

Nothing too Hollywood with this motorcycle.  It’s a simple looking but reliable, go-anywhere motorcycle, with a name to match its use, The Himalayan.  This 2022 mid-sized adventure touring motorcycle comes with a revised seat to provide long-term riding comfort.  And who knew that Royal Enfield built its first motorcycle in 1901? 


The 2022 Husqvarna Norden 901

Let’s see.  Off-road?  Check!  Stylish? Check!  Adventure riding?  Check!  This is my first glimpse of the 2022 Husqvarna Norden 901.  Right off the bat I’m thinking chain saw, ha!  Nope.  Get this.  Husqvarna has been manufacturing motorcycles since 1903.  Little known fact, Husqvarna was founded near the town of Huskvarna in Sweden in 1689. 

2022 Norden 901 4.jpg
2022 Norden 901 3.jpg
2022 Norden 901 1.jpg

The 2022 Zero SR

Imagine an electric motorcycle on steroids and you have the 2022 Zero SR.  Get this, by using their app you can increase the add-ons for this bike including increased engine output which allows for longer riding.  Then imagine additional upgrades, at the push of a button, from a park mode, heated grips, and faster charging.  Time to release your inner geek, or run away fast, ha!  PS  SR stands for Street Racing.

2022-zero-motorcycles SR 3.jpg
2022-zero-motorcycles SR 2.jpg
2022-zero-motorcycles SR 1.jpg

The 2022 Brixton Cromwell 1200

Who knew?  The Motorcycle Retro Market is flourishing. The 2022 Brixton Cromwell 1200, made in China, is sold mostly in European shops, not likely to make its way to North America…yet.  Nothing flashy here with colors reflecting the same:  Backstage Black, Cargo Green, Timberwolf Grey.  But something we’d love to try.


The 2022 Indian FTR R Carbon

OK, what now?  Indian is going NAKED again.  This is the 2022 Indian FTR R Carbon. If old school racing doesn’t come to mind, maybe consider that Indian began his history on the track.  Visually, where do you begin?  This bike piqued our interest and we’re adding it to our gallery of must rides.

2022 indian ftr r carbon 1.jpg
2022 indian ftr r carbon 3.jpg
2022 indian ftr r carbon 2.jpg

The 2022 Tesla Model M

This is what’s in the works from the minds at Tesla, the Model M Motorcycle.  First glance, the negative space where the engine would’ve been.  Giant touchscreen built to fit the contour of the bike.  A rear-view camera and sensory modes that limits the number of times you look behind you so you can focus on the road ahead.  Cost promises to be competitive, not over-priced (IE Livewire).  I’d give it a go.

tesla 1.jpg
tesla 2.jpg
tesla 3.jpg

The 2022 Royal Enfield 650 Twin

1901 was the first release of this bike and now, 120 years later, Royal Enfield is saying, happy anniversary with these 650 twins (Continental GT & Interceptor).  The tank badge will also include a unique serial number, that it’s 1 of 60.  Giddy Up! 

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