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Regulating Motorcycle Riders

Throw out the term regulation and inevitably you have created a firestorm of opinions. Case in point, our recent Motorcycle Monday Poll. I posed the question, “Would you support requalification of a motorcycle license if the rider hasn’t owned a bike for a year?”. The crux of the question was safety of riders. Side note, yes, this concept could also be applied to other vehicles, but in this case, we are focusing on motorcycles.

Imagine the scenario of a rider who has not owned a motorcycle in years and has not rode in years. As any motorcyclist will tell you, there is a coordination to riding that unlike getting on a peddle-bike can falter over the years if not maintained. The question addresses that concern and provides options to vote:

1. No that’s silly.

2. 100% yes

3. Worth looking into

Current numbers reflect 87% say, “No that’s silly”

Here is what you said:

Rob - No. There are too many variables in play. I am a guy has been riding for 10, 20 or 30 years or more and sold his bike and is just waiting for the new model to come out, the person still knows how to ride safely. So why would he have to re-qualify? If you are looking at re-qualifying people, then put an experience criteria clause into the legislation.

Les - I can just imagine the rage of all the folk with bad driving records who register everything in their spouse's name.

Ron - Maybe they should just make everyone retest every year for class 5's think of the revenue that could raise

Cam - Retest cage drivers every 5 years ….they are awful!!

Rocky - No because the ability to safely ride a motorcycle has nothing to do with ownership. Someone who rents a bike and rides it every day would lose their license while another person who has a garage queen that's never ridden would keep their license. What a completely stupid idea.

But others are not totally apposed:

Kim - I think longer than a year; maybe 5 . .

Robert - Every 5 yrs would be nice .... along with automotive and other DLs .... so long as they take into account yrs on the road as well . Cause no one drives by the book ever. Tell me I'm wrong LOL

Gordon - If they do that for motorcycles then all autos should be included. Also, I say 2 years not one.

Protecting the sport that we love is a common theme amongst riders, and understandably so. Yes, we are opposed to further regulation. Yes, we see this as a blatant attempt at a money-grab. Yes, there are good and bad drivers. But in a sport that has seen its share of injuries and deaths, is it so wrong that we look outside our own comfort zone and biases to consider options to improving the safety of what we love so dearly? Rather than vehemently disagreeing, here’s our chance to use our voices to further the conversation and suggest options because bottom line, after a ride, we all want to arrive home safe.

PS Your comments are welcome including suggestions for our next Monday Motorcycle Poll Question.


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