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Harley-Davidson explains their new addition, the LIVEWIRE, as having, “…all the classic character of Harley-Davidson injected into an all-new premium electric experience”. Pure performance, a futuristic look, with a ‘jolt of clarity’ will set this Motorcycle apart from anything you have experienced in your riding career. Believe me when I say this.

Before you hop on, put aside what you know about Harley-Davidson: a beef-eating, loud-mouthed, fire-breathing dragon. I took the approach of reviewing this Motorcycle on its own merits, and to give it a fair chance, so should you.

A twist of the throttle is all it took to get me from zero to WTF. This clutch-free machine allowed me to focus on what was important…the ride. The torque produced from this bolt of energy is surprisingly responsive in every way imaginable. My senses jumped out of my skin once I realized what I had control of. Like a horse waiting for the rider to give the signal, the LIVEWIRE pulses with anticipation at the ready. The light turned green…I-was-gone!

What you hear is the purr of the electric surge, which delivers in spades!

To get a full-charge, a three-pronged plug will do the trick in 6-8 hours (overnight). If you have a super-charge option, expect to be there for less than an hour. If you’re concerned about where to find charging stations, not to worry. Thanks to smart phone apps like PLUG SHARE, CHARGE HUB OR CHARGE POINT, plus, look into Petro Canada’s announcement to supercharge Hwy.1 across Canada…nice! Oh, did I mention the fuel cost = ZERO!

As a commuter bike, Harley-Davidson suggests 235 km per charge…this I found to be true. As a highway bike, this Motorcycle has its limitations. Expect @150 km per charge.

Let’s talk about the pros of this bike:

1. The power delivers in spades

2. The sex-appeal of this bike also delivers a futuristic ride where few competitors compete

3. Ride-ability. She fits like a glove and its narrow design compliment City driving


1. Side mirrors have no functionality expect for aesthetics

2. The battery charge for highway riding drops significantly

3. Not much storage here, so expect to be weighed down by a backpack

My overall impression?

The ideal rider is a City Dweller or Suburb Commuter. Someone who appreciates the maneuverability within the urban setting as well as a love for true performance, design and power. Although equipped for a passenger, I feel this is a one-seater experience to be enjoyed cruising the streets not the highway. The reason I give the 2020 Harley-Davidson Livewire a 4 out of 5 bikes is because of the restrictive price. At $37,500 some would suggest this is a barrier to entry…I agree. It will be interesting to see how prices fluctuate over the years as competition increases.

Let me know your impressions of this Motorcycle and see if you agree with this review. More Motorcycle reviews to come.

As always, I welcome your comments & feedback. Keep checking back for more Motorcycle Blogs & there is more to explore on our License To Ride YouTube page

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